Grades 2&3
Please select one of these activities

Choice 1

Pencil, paper

Draw an Egyptian landscape, complete with the Great Pyramids using this draw along. 
Egyptian Landscape Draw-Along

Choice 2

Pencil, paper

Draw traditional architecture of China with this pagoda draw-along. Add your own mountain landscape in the background.
Chinese Landscape Draw-Along

Choice 3

Pencil, paper

Use loose one-point perspective to draw a mountain landscape

online:     Mountain Landscape Draw-Along video
pdf :       Mountain Landscape Draw-Along

Choice 4

NO Tech

Pencil, paper,

“En plein air” is French for “in the open air”. Would you like to create art en plein air? Well, you can! Grab paper, a drawing tool, and something flat and hard, like a book, to place your paper on. Go outside and look around for a landscape view you like. Have a seat and look carefully at the landscape you want to draw. Think about where and how you will place the objects you see. Use what you know about the parts of a landscape and artist tricks (techniques) for creating the illusion of depth to help you create your drawing. Have fun!