Welcome to Physical Education! We are hoping that all students and families are healthy, safe, and practicing their social distancing! We encourage students and family members to stay active during this time.

Expected Class Rules ( In person) Leave mask on at all times. Keep hands, feet, germs to yourself. Bring water with you. Make sure to stay in your box in the classroom. Complete all assigned work.

Expected Class Rules (Virtual) Go into a safe, open space for you to be active. Make sure your cameras are on. Stay muted unless told otherwise. Complete all assigned lessons.

Expected Attire:
 Students are expected to wear sneakers/ tennis shoes and comfortable clothes that they can move in.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade: skipping, galloping, hopping, hop on one foot, side shuffle, leaping, and running.
3rd-5th Grade: (10 times/seconds) Jumping jacks, squats, lunges, push-ups, plank, sit-ups, sit & reach stretch, and butterfly stretch.

Current Unit: Yoga

Next Unit: Dance

At Home Resources for Families:
25 Ways to Get Moving Flyer
GoNoodle for families
Noodle TV
Spell it Fitness (choose a different word each time)
10-Day Challenge

Virginia PE Standards:

Virginia PE Standards (PDF)


Mr. Megee  megeebc@pwcs.edu

Ms. Alves     alvesc@pwcs.edu