Students, we are here to help you with

  • Working out friendship problems
  • Setting goals
  • Working well with others
  • Feeling good about yourself
  • Adjusting to a new school
  • Learning how to make decisions
  • Managing your feelings (stress, worry, anger, etc.)
  • Dealing with peer pressure and bullying

Parents, we are available to assist and provide you with:

  • Improving parent-child communications
  • Referrals for community resources
  • Understanding the developmental changes of childhood
  • Supply reference materials
  • Information to help understand your child's special needs

Services Provided:

  • Classroom Core Curriculum
  • Group Counseling
  • Brief Solution-Focused Counseling
  • Parent Consultations
  • Community Resource Referrals

* Please note school counselors do not provide "therapy" or "traditional counseling" 
* A county approved list of referrals for outside counseling services are available for children experiencing grief, divorce, family separation, deployment, or mental health concerns.