Welcome to Physical Education! We are hoping that all students and families are healthy, safe, and practicing their social distancing! We encourage students and family members to stay active during this time.

Welcome to Physical Education with Ms. Alves and Mr. Shuma! We are so excited to have students back in the building this year and can't wait to start learning together! Students will learn motor and social skills in our class, which they will be able to use beyond PE class. We create a safe and positive environment for all of our students so they can be successful.

To ensure student safety, students should wear comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes with ankle support on their PE days. Also, students are expected to always follow our class rules.

Class Rules:

1. Be Safe

2. Follow Directions

3. Be Respectful to Everyone & Everything

4. Keep your Hands, Feet, & Germs to Yourself

5. Give your Best Effort


Contact Information:

Ms. Alves- alvesc@pwcs.edu

Mr. Shuma- shumacl@pwcs.edu