The picture says Welcome to 3rd Grade.

This is a photo of Mrs. Johnson Webb

My name is Charina Johnson-Webb. I enjoy reading non-fiction books, watching documentaries about animals and plants, cooking, signing and playing video games.

One fun fact about me is, I love to use the beat of popular songs to create new educational content to help my students remember and I sometimes do it on  the spot.  It is my belief that rearranging a song might be the best connection a student make with the world around them. 

This is my 12th year teaching and my 3rd year at Neabsco Elementary school. My desire this school year is to empower my learners to develop the will and courage to believe they can and surprise themselves by excelling. 

My classroom will always be a community of learners that strives for excellence. We persevere and we excel! 

This is a photo of Ms. Barnett Howell
It is my second year teaching at Neabsco Elementary and also my second year teaching in the United States. I have been teaching for ten years. Outside of teaching, I enjoy reading, browsing the Internet, cooking, going to the beach and talking to family and friends. 

I touch the future. I teach. 
– Christa McAuliffe

This is a picture of Ms. Simpson.
My name Dionne Simpson.  I'm from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I've been teaching for over seventeen years.  It was Nelson Mandela who once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world." This has become the philosophy which guides me as a teacher. I enjoy teaching young minds and inspiring them to be the best they can.

This is a picture of Ms. McNish.

Hello everyone! My name is Shelly-Ann McNish, a passionate educator from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I have been teaching for 6 years. As a previous girl scout teacher, I enjoy spending time exploring the outdoors, making a positive impact on young lives, and listening to music. When I am not working you can catch me at the movie theater or binge-watching series on Netflix or Hulu.

Favorite color: Turquoise

Favorite Fast Food
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Favorite Sport: Netball.

My goal this year to build positive relationships with my students and ensure they realize their full capabilities. In addition, I wish to advance my career as an educator and use appropriate guidelines to advocate for my students and affect positive social change in my community. 

  • I anticipate a great year!

           This is a picture of Ms. Patterson.

My name is Jean Patterson.  Teaching is my calling to which I readily and fervently respond.  I live by the mantra - "Learning is a treasure that will follow it's owner everywhere." (Chinese Proverbs).  Therefore, I encourage my students to be active learners who like true eagles - "WITH DIVERSITY WILL RISE" and soar to the highest level of their abilities.
- There is no mountain too high to climb!

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